The “Real” Flaming Lips’ Bathroom by FitzSimmons Architects

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Last updated on June 6th, 2011 at 03:48 am

flaming lips modern bathroom design
If you have ever seen such sophisticated and futuristic bathrooms, now you must add this bathroom as one of them. This bathroom is so incredible. The Flaming Lips bathroom is designed by FitzSimmons Architects. It is a pretty futuristic bathroom design and absolutely can give us some smart inspiration to create more cool innovative design. Bathing will be a very relaxing activity to do here. You will feel the luxurious atmosphere and treatment to be in this bathroom. The combination among art, architectural talent, and high imagination will end up with a masterpiece like this. [via]

flaming lips cool bathroom design

flaming lips bathroom design
flaming lips luxurious bathroom design
flaming lips stunning bathroom design
flaming lips architectural bathroom design

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