Modern Home Design with Fantastic Rooftop Terrace and Rooftop Garden

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Last updated on June 6th, 2011 at 09:09 am

rooftop terrace design
The availability of a roof terrace will make our home look more attractive and artistic. It can also be an environmental and friendly way that functions as a place to escape from the noise. The outdoor decorating can be emerged with the appliance of beautiful rooftop terrace. It will perfectly set in the the flat roof or outdoor space on the top of your house. A terrace has a function to create an comfortable and functional outdoor living space.

rooftop terrace design picture

This beautiful living space is located in Lake Washington,on a steep hillside. It is built to complement the lifestyle of its owner. It consists of simple lines, flexible living spaces, well-organized storage and a rooftop garden. The best thing of this house is that it suits well with the ambiance in this environment. From every space of this house, we can view the beautiful panorama of the lake. The Nest is a great dwelling which is designed by DeForest Architects.

modern rooftop terrace designs
rooftop terrace design

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