The Uniqueness of Thermochromatic Toilet Seat by Peter Crnokrak

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Last updated on June 7th, 2011 at 04:21 pm

thermochromic toilet seat
Talking about the public toilet will make some people feel disgusting since we have to share it with lots of people to do pooping process. And if you want to know whether the toilet has just been sat upon by others, the easiest way is by touching the handle since it uses thermochromatic technology that lets you know just how long ago (approximately) the last person vacated the porcelain throne – letting you prepare yourself mentally to literally rub butts with a complete stranger.

thermochromic toilet seat design

The part of the toilet used for sitting has a warning system by changing its color that will let us know whether the toilet has just been sat upon or not. It is a good and creative idea especially if it is combined with other apparatus that will sterilize the part.

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