Stairway Wall Decorating Ideas

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Last updated on October 25th, 2016 at 02:34 am

It is not easy to decorate the stairway wall because it is a challenging space to work with owing to its peculiar shape, uneven height and weird location. Making the wall appear balanced is the key to an ideal decoration. You may consider the ideas below when decorating your stairway wall.

stairway wall decorating ideas
stairway wall decorating ideas

wooden stairway wall designwooden stairway wall design

When painting the stairway wall, the best technique is by applying faux painting techniques. You can paint the wall with a bold, complementary color or a completely different shade to match with the overall color scheme of the room if it is separated from other walls of your living room. Stenciling, stamping, sponging and ragging are the painting techniques that can be used to add

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beautiful designs, textures and patterns to the wall to beautify it further.

unique stairway wall design ideasunique stairway wall design ideas

stairway wall design ideasstairway wall design ideas

Applying the proper light fixtures is a must to illuminate the beautiful wall patterns. You can also paint the wall using vertical or horizontal stripes to make it appear taller or wider respectively. This technique is generally used for the walls of the basement stairways which are constructed in a confined space. When choosing the accessories applied to embellish the wall, you have to remember that they must be in accordance to its size, location and paint color. For instance, large frames on a small wall will make it look too shabby. Similarly, small pieces of artwork on a large wall will make them disappear.

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