Large Living Room Wall Decoration Ideas

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Last updated on April 25th, 2011 at 09:32 am

large living room decoration ideas
It would be very challenging to decorate a large living room especially if the living room has a large wall. These living room decoration ideas will probably help you to decorate your large living room wall. Take a look at also the inspirational living room photos. Placing a round metal art medallion and some tall tropical plants on either side is able to enhance the look. You can also hang large tapestries and quilts, wooden or metal drapery rods. The placement of a large architectural interesting mirror will really add some style and character to the room.

large living room decoration ideas with leather sofas
large living room decoration ideas with green sofas

To create more interest, you can also place a couple of accent shelves on either side with coordinating vases or candlesticks. Another good idea is by framing a large map or retro poster or pictures for an exceptional outlook and for minimizing the sense of blankness in the wall. Another thing to remember is the frame color. It must be in the same color tone. And to create a balanced outlook, you can add cabinets or bookshelves on either side.

large living room decoration ideas with paintings
large living room decoration ideas with modern sofas design

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