Awesome and Cool Bar Stools with Bubble Seats

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Last updated on October 16th, 2016 at 11:56 am

modern bar stools

If you are searching for design ideas for stools, you should consider these stool designs. Mambo and Maxi Mambo show you how cool and modern bar stool designs can be. Designed by Archirivolto Design, these bar stools would be great to set in your personal home bar, office bar or in your other rooms at home. The stool’s appearance looks so stunning and beautiful with different and fresh colors that will be very perfect for modern home interior as well. This collection is available in several kinds such as poufs, stools, and even office chairs. Mambo bar stool is featured with a versatile adjustable construction. The design enables it to be raised and lowered easily. Mambo bar stool is made of high strength steel chrome or varnished aluminum based and topped with transparent acrylic. It is available in various colors like red, yellow or blue tints. To get the details you can find more at Delight website.

modern bar stool design
blue and red bar stools
modern blue bar stools
modern yellow bar stools

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