modern living room design with LCD TV

Modern Living Room Design with LCD TV – Television often becomes the focal point in the modern living rooms. Since a living room is a place in our home in which we spend much time to have a conversation with others, it is very important to make it be a cozy and relaxing place. That is why the placement of living room furniture must be considered well. We have to make sure that the furniture is comfortable and placed at the right distance from the entertainment unit. The arrival of LCD TV will complete the look of our living room to be more modern. A small or large living room will be able to have modern look with the placement of LCD TV. A small living room benefits from having a modern design with minimalistic features because it visually opens up the room, creating an illusion of space and airiness. Here are some nice pictures of modern living room design with LCD TV for your inspirations.

living room furniture with LCD TV
modern living room set with LCD TV
modern living room decorating with LCD TV

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