Pink and White Home Interior Decoration from Trend Design

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pink and white home interior 01

Pink and white home interior decoration from Trend Design shows us how beautiful and cheerful a room decorated and designed colorfully is. Home interior whether it is the living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom would look very exciting to go in bright colors such as pink, white, blue, green and more. The perfect combination of two colors pink and white in these rooms has successfully created an exciting space and interesting visual effects. The designer had perfectly combined these two colors brought a beautiful harmony here. The entire walls are painted in white that results a spacious effect for the small rooms. In the meantime, the curtains, pillows, dining accessories, carpet and other furniture pieces are stunningly adorned in pink that add childish or girly sense but very warm and awesome. Get your ideas and inspiration from this pink and white home interior decoration.

pink and white home interior 02
pink and white home interior 03
pink and white home interior 04
pink and white home interior 05

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