White Washed Furniture – Beautiful and Sophisticated

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 white washed furniture siji

White washed furniture? The color white came seem very harsh and modern. It’s essential to lend a little bit of softness for that rustic feel. You can do this with architectural details. You could head to the salvage yard and find different fireplace mantles or old ceiling tiles made out of tin that you can incorporate into your furniture. A lot of these pieces will already be painted white. The furniture will already have a distressed finish so it can be a jumping off point for the rest of your do it yourself projects.

If you are afraid of white furniture looking too feminine, you should try a whitewashed effect. You could also go with a more elaborate pickling finish. This allows the beauty of the natural wood grain to show through then the white comes and softens up the overall feeling of the piece. White washed furniture isn’t just for nurseries or toddler’s rooms it can also be sophisticated and beautiful. For your ideas, here we’ve chosen some wonderful white washed furniture pieces, enjoy them!

 white washed furniture loro
 white washed furniture telu
 white washed furniture papat
 white washed furniture lima
 white washed furniture enem
 white washed furniture pitu
 white washed furniture wolu
 white washed furniture songo
 white washed furniture sepuluh

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