Cool Outdoor Lounge Chair Designs

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Last updated on October 18th, 2016 at 04:15 pm

outdoor lounge chair

Looking for a stylish outdoor lounge chair? Here we selected a number of cool outdoor lounge chair designs for your ideas and inspiration. Have a look at the first lounge chair above. Traditional form with a spacious, inviting scale. Multifaceted metallic bronze fibers. Handwoven premium resin wicker. Rust-resistant powder-coated frame. Hidden wheels for easy mobility. To see the detail of this outdoor lounge chair, visit this website.

outdoor lounge chairs

Above is a cool outdoor lounge chair. Photo is via Free Images.

modern outdoor lounge chair design
sydney outdoor lounge chair

Above is Sydney modern outdoor lounge chair design. The Sydney Lounge Chair allows you to relax outdoors or poolside in style. Like a wave upon the ocean,this aluminum frame lounge chair will encourage you to lie back and relax. Very contemporary with its spare design. A synthetic weave covers the exterior and its short peg legs keep it close to the ground. Photo is via Houzz.

modern brown outdoor lounge chair design
modern wood outdoor lounge chair design

Above is a modern brown outdoor lounge chair design by Pooz. Photo is via Trendir.

outdoor lounge chair with aluminum frame

Above is an outdoor lounge chair with aluminum frame. Photo is via Funky Furniture and Stuff.

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