Elegant Collection of Wood Outdoor Lounge Chairs

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wood outdoor lounge chairs

Are you looking for a wood outdoor lounge chair? Here we have an elegant collection of wood outdoor lounge chairs for your ideas and consideration. Have a look at the first chair above. It is a beautiful outdoor lounge chair for teak wood. Photo is via Amazon. See more other lovely wood outdoor lounge chairs from this online store. 🙂

wood outdoor lounge chair
stylish wood outdoor lounge chair by pooz
wood outdoor lounge chair by pooz

Above is a stylish wood outdoor lounge chair by Pooz. These elegant lounge chairs from Pooz are made for outdoor living and lounging. Inspired by the natural flex and features of wood, the easy-going, undulating shapes make these lounge chairs the perfect complement at poolside, on the deck or in the garden. Through the artful bending and shaping of the wood, these pieces have a unique movement about them, taking the eye on a visual ride along their smooth, wavy curves. And the body is in for a ride of its own – right to relaxation land. The Home lounger is made with three, four or five wood slats, each progressively deeper to cradle your body and with an integrated armrest. Milno is another sun-lounger design made of oak and walnut, with a natural finish that highlights the woods’ inherent characteristic grains. Tild features that same signature curvature, only this unusual lounger is raised off the ground and enclosed in an aluminum frame draped in fabric, so you’re made in the shade, even in the heat of the day. >> Photos are the courtesy of Pooz via Trendir.

wood outdoor lounge chair for beach chair

Above is a wood outdoor lounge chair for beach chair. This chair is available at DIY Trade. See more other elegant wood outdoor lounge chairs from this store. 🙂

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