Best Seller Toddler Pillow and Safety Tips for Parents

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A baby is like a gift of God to the parents. Parenthood gets fulfilled when a newborn comes to a family. Parents need to know all the ways and means to keep their lovable baby safe and healthy. Here are some tips for the parents about toddler pillow safety.

Specialists recommend that pillows should not be used before the child gets at least two or more. It is dangerous because of the risk of Sudden Infants Death Syndrome (SIDS) and suffocation problem. Toddler pillows are especially designed for child of 2 years of age and more. The size of these pillows are almost half of the adult pillows.

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Baby pillows are available in the market with kids bedding sets also. These are designed in different shapes and sizes to best fit for child of different ages. There are huge varieties of colors and designs too to give the parents the opportunity to choose one that best suits their child.

Children can not sleep comfortably on pillows that are designed for adults. They may have neck and shoulder pain due to sleeping on adult pillows. They may also suffer from suffocation. That’s why safety should be maintained.

Toddler pillows should not be filled with materials that causes allergy to the child. Feathers should be avoided as it increases allergy. Polyester or cotton is a good option. To ensure safety you can use allergy-proof pillow covers which are designed for toddler pillows. These are available in the market in various beautiful designs and colors. But this will cost little bit more.

These are smaller in sizes which make them easily portable. While traveling you can carry it in your car and use it in hotels to comfort your child. These will help the child sleep better.

If your child has nasal problems like cold, toddler pillows are useful. In a word, it will provide your child with emotional comfort and keep your child healthy. {}

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