Modern and Unique Residence from the Used Containers

unique modern home design from used container
Have you ever imagined to live in a container? Have a look at these used containers that have been made as a nice home. I think these big iron boxes can be made as a nice office as well. And you don’t have to question the design of them. They have a very attractive and clever design, both interior and the exterior. The exterior part of this home seems to be simple but very unique. At glance, it does not look like a house but that is the uniqueness of this home of used containers. If you want to more about the interior design of this home from CrossBox containers made by CG Architects, you just go inside. You will never think when you are inside that you are now in the container. It does not look as a container anymore but It is like other home interior designs in general.

modern home design from iron container
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Unique and Creative Sofas Design by Thomas Tritsch

modern pentagon sofa design
What do you think of these unique and creative sofas design? Thomas Tritsch has designed this furniture which is inspired by medieval fortresses. The pentagon sofa is one among many of his results of creativity. It is made absolutely from qualified materials such as oak wood, qm foam or upholstery in some pieces or in one single piece. The pentagon sofas can be arranged in many possibilities. Find your best arrangement that is proper with the characteristic of your living room and get a modern outlook of it. With its cheerful and bright colors, it will arrive an exciting ambiance to your room and be liked by your beloved kids.

minimalist pentagon sofa design
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Modern and Unique Nisha Bar Lounge from Pascal Arquitectos

modern new nisha lounge
What is your first impression when coming into this bar? Cool and elegant, isn’t it? This lounge bar lies in Acapulco. This is an entertainment site designed by Pascal Arquitectos which is dedicated and optimized for those who want to enjoy highly luxurious break-time and senses. High architectural taste and art, the music, the images, and virtual atmosphere are created deeply to make you get both physically and mentally entertained.

unique new nisha lounge
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