Casual Apartment Decorating Styles

casual apartment decorating style
Apartment decorating design comes in many styles such as casual, formal, contemporary and traditional. What becomes the characteristics of casual style are the application of simple details, soporific horizontal lines, softly-curved or roughly rectangular elements. All are consistent in accessories and fabrics, low-luster or dull surfaces and a soft upholstery. Asymmetrical arrangements and decorative elements become the most features of this style. The examples are by converting a stack of unused luggage into a side table or even using a classic ironing board as a coffee table. Such a style offers a fancy, castle-like touch to the apartment and can be easily integrated with French Country, American Country, Shabby Chic, cottage, or Rustic decorating styles.

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The Ultimate Bachelor's Retreat: a Spectacular and Delightful Apartment in Australia

amazing apartment interior
Designed by Weir Phillips Architects, this apartment which is located in Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia looks so delightful and spectacular. Coming with three bedrooms, this apartment really bursts with freedom and craziness inspiring us to say that it is the ultimate bachelor's crib. The living room becomes the focal point of the house. It accommodates several of the craziest elements this loft has to offer like a SPA and a BBQ section. There are still some other spectacular features of this apartment that we can find such as a retractable roof, a concrete floor, a large study area and an indoor office with abundant storage space, intriguing art works and many, many more. This apartment also offers us a fresh and vivid color palette as well as the overall youthful feel.

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