Black and White Home Interior with Wood Combination from Tamizo Architects Group


The result of unlimited creativity and imagination of furniture design can be seen from this black and white home interior with wood combination from Tamizo Architects Group. The orthogonal lines and straightforward colors which are mixed with décor elements result in simple but intriguing and elegant interior furniture. With a closer and detailed look, the artistic sense of white walls, window curtains and ceilings, light wooden paneling, floors and furniture, charcoal black furniture, fixtures, staircase and selected wall portions are revealed. Shades of charcoal-grey are applied for additional furniture and décor elements such as the rug and curtains of the TV or media room. The installation of additional windows serves as source of light to brighten up the home and enhance its modern interior architecture and décor features.

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Black and White Interior Pictures

black and white interior pictures 01

These black and white interior pictures may inspire you who are looking for interior design ideas. White is dominating almost the entire look of these pieces of furniture. Sofas, tables, chairs, stools and bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and roof terrace furniture look very fresh and clean in white. The walls which totally come in white have given a roomy and healthy ambiance of the rooms here. These some inspirational black and white interior pictures are from Ken Hayden photography which are called Ice Wharf and located in London.

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