The Elegance of Black and White Loft Interior Design

black and white loft interior design

Are you looking for loft interior design ideas? You may consider these elegant black and white loft interior designs and get you inspired. This is the most stunning and modern home design which is inspired by timeless black and white interior concept. Polished with concrete, metal, bold black color, and elegant furniture, this elegant black white home design looks very inspiring. Each room is completed with distinctive presence of cozy furniture and fluffy carpet. This beautiful and exquisite apartment which is named GT House is actually the Guilherme Torres Studio that marked as design firm which always presents their modern design breakthrough.

black and white loft interior design ideas

It is located in Londrina, Brazil. The amazing loft was used to be an artist’s studio. It was then redesigned to act like a very homey place. It only costed $ 6,000 for the renovation. The ideas used are so creative that a larger budget just is not needed. Featured with a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom, the considerably small apartment has everything that the inhabitant needs. Read More