Ultra Modern and Eco Friendly Kitchen Design from Valcucine

eco-friendly kitchen set design

If you are looking for ideas for your kitchen design which not only looks modern but also friendly for your environment, these modern kitchen designs from Valcucine should be your first consideration. The Riciclantia ultra modern kitchen comes with light and minimalist shape. It is especially designed to have a low impact on the environment. Riciclantia is a simple and elegant kitchen set which will be very excellent to furnish your modern kitchen interior. It is made of a tremendously resistant structural aluminum frame together with a sophisticated decor panel which is only 2 mm thick. The use of special materials such as carbon, aluminum, steel or layered laminates the very accurate planning of construction details. Riciclanti kitchen is perfect for everyone who loves a green living, environment friendliness, minimum consumption of raw materials and energy, durability, recyclability and non-toxic finishes. This is great for being environmental friendly and for homes where space is a big concern. You could almost have this set up as a combined living room/kitchen area and really open up a lot of space.

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