Modern Living Room with Television

living room with television
In the 19th century, living room was named as parlors and just began in the 20th century this family room was renamed as the living room. This is the space where the owner of a home can entertain the guests. Many of living rooms now are completed with TV set so that we can find a new function of it as the room for getting entertainment by watching television. The existence of electronics gadget such as TV in the living room gives a sense of modernity to it. Modern living room with TV also becomes a trend especially for the house having limited space. By equipping the living room with TV, it saves space as well.

living room with tv photo
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Luxurious and Modern Restaurant Dining Room of Green Valley Grill

modern restaurant dining room
Green Valley Grill will spoil your tongue with very delicious meal in its luxurious and modern restaurant dining room. You will have a never unforgettable dinner with your beloved persons here. Take a look at the design of this dining room. This room consists of 30-foot high ceiling. It is designed with the old portion of restaurant using Palladio’s Treaties as reference for the proportions. The traditional building methods and indigenous materials are applied here that results in a nice-feeling ambiance. The dining room furniture applied here has successfully arrived a modern and luxurious atmosphere.

modern restaurant dining room design
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