Futuristic and Modern Media Center Interior Design from N59 Architect

futuristic and modern media center design

We can feel the modern atmosphere in these rooms. If you look at the form of table and computers layout, they look very futuristic. A coherent “gesture” in the form of a graphic wall decorated room is tied together into a whole in a beautiful arrangement. It looks like a reprint Journal on the way out from the press platen sweeping it into the room. The parts also show the editorial with a graphic decoration and color codes indicating the different editorial. In this room you can work with the editorial teams and have the opportunity that will allow you to experience what it is to be a journalist for a day. The mission shown here is to create the first page or a summary news reports through cooperation and individual journalistic work. This awesome Media Center interior design is very inspiring. To get the details, you can visit N59 Architect website.

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