Cool Green Planter Wall Tiles for Modern Living Ideas

green pocket

Take a look at this home adorned with wall tiles. It looks very pretty, doesn’t it? It means that designing our home to be something different from others’ has no limited ideas and inspirations. The new ceramic tiles installed here is very useful and able to bring natural atmosphere into your home. Green pocket which is made from recycled materials comes with cool design that can be attached to the wall. This installation is able to create the illusion of plants as if they were actually growing from them. You can grow whatever inside such as herbs, plants, flowers or trees. The tiles serve as planters and their unique shape allows them to interlock. You create different patterns depending on the vegetation planted. This creative concept is emerged by Maruja Fuentes. If you are looking for ideas to make your home look green, you can implement this cool green planter wall tiles.

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Modern and Unique Green School Design

green school design

For the designers John and Cynthia Hardy, the usage of sustainable materials is very important. And bamboo is implemented in their design. For this idea, in collaboration with the Meranggi Foundation and PT. Bambu, they established the Green School in which the bamboo becomes the primary building materials. It is also intended as an effort to avoid the further depletion of rain forests. The Green School is located on a sustainable campus straddling both sides of the Ayung River in Sibang Kaja, Bali. There are a number of alternative energy sources included here such as a bamboo sawdust hot water and cooking system, a hydro-powered vortex generator and solar panels. The campus consists of classrooms, gym, assembly spaces, faculty housing, offices, cafes and bathrooms. The result is a comprehensive green community with a strong educational mandate which is able to motivate the students to be more curious, more engaged and more passionate about the environment and the planet.

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