Modern and Minimalist Kitchen from MK Cucine

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In this modern era, we need practical and easily-used kitchen apparatus. Though we admire something easy to use, it does not mean that we can ignore the art or aesthetic of the gadgets. Take a look at this modern and minimalist kitchen design. It shows you how a design can go very aesthetically that would be very great for your modern kitchen. The new kitchen from MK Cucine which is called as 12 kitchen. It is an example of a modern kitchen that comes with contemporary design. The minimalist design in white color gives your house a light touch. Solid and rigorous shapes are bound together with the new materials that pick the sense of practice in your kitchen. There is a space that will give a chance to enjoy foods made with love and the wines which are served and kept with perfect temperature. The unique door surfaces which are lacquered with polyurethane varnished texture are so nice. Door thickness is 12 mm. You can get the new cooking experience with 12 kitchen from MK Cucine.

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Matrix – Minimalist and Contemporary Kitchen Design from Poliform

matrix-minimalist and contemporary kitchen design
If you are looking for a minimalist and contemporary look of kitchen design for your home, you are right to come to this stunning and peachy kitchen from Poliform. The matrix kitchen is the most elegant kitchen design. It will satisfy your hunger for contemporary interior kitchen outlook. The kitchen furniture set and kitchen cabinets here are set tremendously to arrive an easiness and cozy ambiances during your cooking. Matrix kitchen design from Poliform is targeted for a public looking for minimalist and contemporary kitchen style. It will certainly transform your kitchen to be something more comfortable and stylish.

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Kitchen Furniture for a Small Apartment

kitchen furniture design for small kitchen

For you having small kitchen, this kitchen design will be very proper and help you much. It looks minimalist and futuristic, particularly it can function as a dining table and a place for washing the dishes as well. With sliding concept, it will save your space and give a spacious sense to your kitchen when you are not washing the dishes. Designed by a student, Fevzi from Turkey, Ankara has won a design competition inter-student. So, for you who have a minimal space of kitchen in your apartment, this is the most appropriate piece of furniture you are looking for. Its unique style will really adorn your kitchen. [via]

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