Modern Scandinavian Style Apartment Interior Ideas by Alvhem Makleri Interior

scandinavian apartment

If you possess a youthful spirit which has voracious taste of art, this apartment may get together your longing for a discernible and opportune apartment. You may provide a fleeting look to a Scandinavian style which maybe hardly ever to be sought by people. Bright wallpaper beautifies the hall, the planks provides smoothness on your feet and a dynamic display of room which enables to boundless access to communicate with others. The Scandinavian style may be embedded in the shape of fireplace which reminds you of very old castle, in tall windows welcoming the sun rays shining on your rooms and in strong white porcelain stove spicing up corner. Find more info of this modern Scandinavian style apartment interior by visiting Alvhem Makleri Interior.

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Black and White Apartment Interior Design Ideas from Pascal Grasso

black and white apartment interior 01

Black and white is absolutely a universal combination of color symbolizing the balance of the life. These colors are also much used in home design particularly in interior design. A great example can be seen from this black and white apartment interior design which focuses on the application of black and white apartment furniture. The apartment which is located in Central Paris has been restored by Pascal Grasso. It is intended to merge the aesthetic features of a comfortable living with the simplicity.

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Duplex Apartment Interior Designed by Slade Architecture

modern apartment interior design

If you are looking ideas or inspirations of interior decoration and design, you should consider these designs. They look simple but very modern. The choice of furniture set is very perfect and smart. The sofas, chairs, table, lamps and other things are stunningly set. Duplex Apartment renovation by Slade Architecture is a residence which is located in New York. Slade Architecture got a client who is a single mother with a young child. She would like to create a healthy and environmental friendly home. This duplex apartment renovation combines one bedroom duplex units into one two bedroom duplex. Here’s some word from Slade Architecture “On the lower level we created a living space that spanned the footprint of the two existing apartments along the exterior wall. On the interior of the apartment, the separation between the two units was maintained to create a kitchen and powder room on one side and a master bedroom suite on the other.” For more detail about this house you can download the print version document.

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