Modern Green Public School Building Design

green school building design 01

This modern green public school building is an obvious instance of how creativity can be beyond our imagination. Public School and Primary Roldan which is situated in Spain is the result of creative ideas gained from the nature. The walls are stretched up with green carpet. This way has made this building look like a golf field. This green concept will also allow to the students to learn from the nature and get some ideas from the wonderful nature. Estudio Huma is the architecture firm that completed this project. The school is completed with a very wide field that will enable the student to play around. The architectural structure uses the connection of the units together to create a horizontal look. It aims to enable the expansion of the school and to create playgrounds for the children to expose their spirit of youth.

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Architecture In Interior Design

modern architecture design
Architecture in interior design first evolved when human beings started to construct houses of stone, wood, or mud for themselves. Although these simple constructions were not as complicated and sophisticated as the present day interiors, they were the first steps taken by mankind in the field of architecture in interior design. As time advanced, humans began to incorporate a variety of different elements to improve the d├ęcor of their houses. This ultimately was responsible for giving birth to architecture in interior design.

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