Pink, White and Black Bathroom Furniture with Retro Design

retro bathroom furniture design 01

Looking something full of sweet colors like this pink, white and black bathroom furniture would give us cheerful and happy sense. Mimo is a nice theme for bathroom design painted with energizing eccentricity and youthful enthusiasm. Mimo comes with shapely rotundities and glittering surfaces in pink, white and black. This colorful bathroom design is flawless for any room layout. It is completed with compact washbasins, toilets and bidets and also a small bathtub. Entirely, this bathroom looks very unique and a little bit retro. To know more about this work, you can visit LAUFEN official site.

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Vertebrae: Modular Metal Vertical Bathroom for Your Design Idea

vertebrae bathroom design ideas
What do you think it is? It looks like something you may find in a spaceship or station. It is a bathroom. It looks clean, industrial, sleek, contemporary, futuristic but functional. It is not just a bathroom but it is said as the first vertical bathroom in the world. It comes with spinning showers and is completed with secret toilets. Vertebrae is designed by Design Odyssey and would be very appropriate for you having a small bathroom.

vertical bathroom design ideas
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