Retro Style Lounge Interior Designed by Lime 388 – Get Your Inspired

retro style lounge interior design

Get your inspirations from this retro style lounge interior. There are some elements implemented in this room that are stinking out a lot. The color combination, the pattern on the floor and the natural light arrangement have worked nicely together to make cheerful ambiance here. These elements also promote a close interaction among the people enjoying their time in this room. It is absolutely for social purposes that make it cheerful and inspiring. Prettily designed by Lime 388, it looks as if it never gets quite or die down. It is always full of vibe. And the multitude of rum and tequila cocktails will only heighten that it is somewhat mad vibe. Just visit Yucca to get the details.

retro style lounge interior design 02
retro style lounge interior design 03

Modern and Unique Nisha Bar Lounge from Pascal Arquitectos

modern new nisha lounge
What is your first impression when coming into this bar? Cool and elegant, isn’t it? This lounge bar lies in Acapulco. This is an entertainment site designed by Pascal Arquitectos which is dedicated and optimized for those who want to enjoy highly luxurious break-time and senses. High architectural taste and art, the music, the images, and virtual atmosphere are created deeply to make you get both physically and mentally entertained.

unique new nisha lounge
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