Cool Inside Outside Home Design by South American Architect

inside and outside home design 01
Take a look at these cool home design. The inside and outside of this residence looks pretty nice. This inside outside home design has successfully made the most of the warm climate and the lush surroundings. This residence is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The house which is designed by architect Mathias Klotz and associate architect Edgar Minond comes with a seamless transition between indoors and out. This modernist home creates chic outdoor entertaining areas and a stunning pool oasis abutting floor-to-ceiling windows. The result is that they invite the garden views in at every turn. The availability of interior concrete walls gives this contemporary style home an earthy edge which is complemented by the use of wood, glass, steel and travertine limestone all through. These natural elements have a specifically refined look and feel, bringing concord between man and nature. The ceiling-hanging contemporary fireplace, the oversized built-in travertine bathtub and the rooftop patio are just a few interesting features among many others that can be found in this house. [via]
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