Modern Ceiling Designs

modern ceiling design

Ideas on Modern Ceiling Designs

Modern ceiling designs are different from the conventional decorating box which is only installed for protecting the floor from the dirt. Modern ceiling designs are going to play with shape, color and texture that will make the ceiling look nicer and charming. Ceilings are the part of home which is frequently forgotten when people design or renovate their homes. They let the ceilings be just the way they are. They are usually designed white with a standard light. Modern ceiling designs are more than that. When decorating them, it is easy to focus on adding color to walls, forgetting that with the right applications the ceilings can also make a decorative statement. Here are some ideas that you can apply to have modern ceiling looks.

modern ceiling design ideas

We begin with suspended ceilings. Suspended ceilings come in various types and functions. This type of ceiling was at first developed to be used on lower levels, such as the basement, to facade the bottom of the flooring from the above level. It was also applied to acoustically balance and contain sound. Read More