Elegant Collection of Reclining Sofa Sets

reclining sofa sets

If you are looking for ideas and inspiration for reclining sofa set, here we have elegant collection of reclining sofa sets that will surely inspire you. Look at the first reclining sofa set above. The Allegro coffee sofa set is a casually styled sofa set of two pieces with the option of adding a third piece. The set features a dual reclining sofa and a reclining console loveseat with a storage console and cup holders. You can also add a cuddler recliner to complete the set. Every piece comes with dramatic flair arm style as well as comfort pad ottomans and luxurious pillow pad seats. The Set’s upholstery is coffee colored leather. It also comes with a manual reclining mechanism called omega that is not only smooth and quiet but has limited lifetime warranty. Visit this online furniture store to know more information and get more other elegant reclining sofa sets. 🙂

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