Modern Suspended Kitchen Skyline 2.0 from Snaidero

modern suspended kitchen skyline 2.0 by snaidero

When it refers to Snaidero kitchens, the first right words that come to our mind to describe them are design, functionality and comfort. Skyline is designed to adapt to the body movements and to facilitate them. Its major modern defining features are shaped worktops and glass shelves which are equipped with built-in lighting. Like other compact designs from Snaidero, this model aims to get rid of the superfluous and to optimize functionality. The storage spaces are completely rationalized in order for one to have everything at hand, with minimum effort. Skyline 2.0 brings in a number of novelties, as the manufacturer continuously strives to perfect their designs. The operational base of 2.0 is suspended compared to its sister Skyline, in order to improve comfort of movement. The curves of the islands are wider, thus increasing their ergonomic function but also the actual work surfaces. Skyline 2.0 is obtainable in more than 100 colors and finishes, up to you to become accustomed to it to your esthetic needs. However Snaidero select to show it in yellow lemon glossy finish, a dynamic color that conveys the essence of the design. Skyline 2.0 will seduce those cooking lovers who wish for an unconventional kitchen, but without compromising comfort and functionality.

modern suspended kitchen skyline 2.0 by snaidero 02

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