Contemporary and Unique Bathroom Design Inspired from Batik

batik bathroom design ideas
Look at these contemporary bathroom units from Regia. The design is pretty cool. It looks simple but very stunning. The concept ideas of this bathroom design is inspired by Javanese cloth pattern called “Batik”. For you who are looking for colorful bathroom interior ideas, these new bathroom units would be very perfect to set on your bathrooms. Decorating yours will be very exciting with these bathroom pictures. All of the bathroom units are completed with washbasin and wall hung storage cabinet. Enrich your bathroom decoration idea with these pictures.

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Enjoy Bathing and Sauna in Your Bedroom with TRIS

tris bathroom design idea
What do you think of this bathroom? TRIS is a multifunctional bathroom (cabin). In this cabin, you can take a shower, sauna, and steam at once. Because this bathroom looks like a cabin, TRIS can be set in your bathroom or other small rooms. So, if you are interested in this nice bathroom, you can get it with US$ 18.500.

tris bathroom design idea 2
tris bathroom design idea 3
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